Welcome to Khamesra Brothers Pvt. Ltd.

Khamesra Brothers Pvt. Ltd. was started by Mr. Rajkumar Khamesra and Mr. Rajesh Khamesra; brothers and directors of the firm. We began our operations in 1985 with little more than ability and enthusiasm to our names. Yet even at the start, we always had a clear vision of what we wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high quality infrastructure solutions at a competitive price. Today, KBPL is one of the most renowned and respected companies in Rajasthan’s private sector.

About Company

Our priority still remains our customers, who we believe are the heart of our existence. KBPL has contributed in building numerous iconic structures that dot the architectural landscape of India.



Starting our operations on 1st August, 1985, KBPL has been in the industry for about 30 years now. We have been involved with public as well as private sector projects for over three decades now.



KBPL has worked in the public sector for over 30 years and also has its feet set in the private sector for over 15 years. Today, KBPL provides services in both public and private sectors.



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Foundation Water Seepage Treatments

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Udaipur, Rajasthan, India




KBPL has worked in the public sector for over 30 years and also has its feet set in the private sector for over 15 years.

Today, KBPL provides services in both public and private sectors.

Our company is well known for completing the work under the time bound to us. Customer satisfaction is taken care of and we stand by our words. Along with working for a better and environment friendly condition, we stand by our commitment of quality and time, which is why our customers have confirmed faith in us.

Public Sector

  • Drilling and Installation of Hand Pumps at Udaipur city 1986-87.
  • Excavation Narwali Distributions, under Mahi Project, Banswara, 1988-89
  • Construction of Badi Dam, Nimbahera 1992
  • Construction of Kyari Dam, under Water Resources Deptt., Udaipur, 2003-04
  • Foundation Grouting work of Bagheri ka Naka Dam, 2005
  • Construction of Bhika Bhai Sagwara Canal RD 54450 to RD 54850 2006-07
  • Balance work of Bhawar Semla Dam, Chittorgarh 2007
  • Construction of Bhabrana Canal RD 17.97 to 20.1 Km 2006
  • Renovation of Wastewier of Banas Dam, 2007
  • Grouting in Bridge / Arch at ABR & Marwar Section, 2008

Private Sector

  • Grouting for railway siding; Project of Binani Cement Ltd., Sikar 2005
  • Rock Stabilization work (grouting & shotcreting) for Wonder Cement Ltd., Nimbahera 2013
  • Grouting work for structure foundations at Wonder Cement Ltd., Nimbahera 2010
  • Seepage treatment and Strengthening work for Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Tidi Dam 2010
  • Rock Stabilization work (grouting & shotcreting) at Main Tunnel entrance for HZL, Kayar Mines, Ajmer 2012
  • Capping work to prevent water pollution at DSM Anti-Infectives Ltd., Roper, Punjab, 2009
  • Construction of Waste Hazard Yard at Chanderia Lead Zinc Smelter for HZL, Chanderia 2010
  • Grouting Work to prevent underground water seepage at DSM Anti-Infective Ltd., Roper, Punjab 2009
  • Strengthening of tunnel rock to prevent sliding at SK Mines for HZL, 2013
  • Rock Stabilization Work through Shotcreting & Grouting at KJS Cement Ltd., Rewa Madhya Pradesh 2013
  • Construction of Ananta Resort including all civil work, Building, Levelling, Grouting, Shotcreting & Roads Works 2011-14
  • Shotcreting and grouting for Vedanata Resources, 2011-2017

Real Estate

KBPL has an interest in real estate and invests in land, retail spaces as well as residential apartments. KBPL as an active land bank and maintain a portfolio of commercial and residential spaces purely for the purpose of maintaining assets and thus strengthening its liquid circulation.


The company’s latest offering in hospitality and the company is going strong for launching its brand as well as the first property by the name of Ramya Resort and Spa (www.ramyahotels.com). The property would be a niche in itself and will cater to the luxury leisure travellers as well as corporate travellers. The resort is high-end property with luxurious suites, fine dining restaurants, board room, conference halls, banquet halls, marriage garden, spa, gym, games room, kids area and other amenities.